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D.A.Y. Agencies Ltd was established in 1992 with a staff of two, as a cosmetics and beauty supplies retailer. With the intention of diversifying D.A.Y. Agencies was registered to also supply hardware and industrial goods, thus within the next two years this second division grew, along with the number of staff and a larger location to accommodate the growing demands of its clients.

In February of 2000 D.A.Y.’S managing director Mr. Dave Balliramsingh introduced Port‐A‐ Cool’s evaporative cooling systems to the local market. The concept of outdoor cooling was none existent at the time; this therefore created a new dimension within the cooling industry.

Port‐A‐Cool became D.A.Y’S star product and has since taken up a division of its own, extending our reach to almost every sector from domestic to industrial cooling. Port‐A‐Cool is a great innovation ideal for areas in which standard air condition units are impractical or cost prohibitive. Why is it a great investment? Because everyone needs to keep cool!

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